10 minutes, 10 question with NRN IL President candidate

As of now, NRN USA is mired in myriad of controversies including membership registration fraud. It seems that stakeholders are busy beating their own drum while public cries foul. No reconciliation on sight, it is assumed that these controversies are only going deeper.

For an average Nepali like me who is busy minding his own life and reluctant to get into topics as such stumbled upon Satya Narayan Chaudhary who happens to be NRN IL chapter’s president candidate.

Here are the 10 questions I asked relating to his candidacy and his answers.


Is his candidacy Yay or Nay? You be the judge.

Just a note: In no any way I am endorsing or denouncing him. I am not a member of NRN or in any other way affiliated to it.

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