Your NRN candidates grilled on CoffeeGuff

Election itself shouldn’t be a dirty game, that is what we’ve been wanting for too long. But reality is different and Karma’s bitch. We get what we deserve, unless we grill them real good.

If you happen to be expat Nepali, NRN election is something that must be making rounds in your news feed lately. So, your fine lads here at CoffeeGuff thought why not bring them up and close to you and grill them real good on policies and challenges we face?

We wanted to keep it real so we approached some folks if they are OK to face the real NRN’s in their community. And guess what?

In coming days, you will get to hear from your local candidates who are contesting for consequential position in local and national level NRN governing bodies.

Stay tuned for more info, If you have question comments or feedback for them, let us know, we will put it straight and sharp. No sugar coating. Your vote, your candidate for a better NRN policies. We are getting started with Satya Narayan Chaudhary, NRN IL chapter’s presidential candidate on next episode.

Stay tuned..


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